I have to start this post with the wordings of R.L.Stevenson to describe this poetic land of beauty – Scotland and the Isle of Skye –

Sing me a song of a lad that is gone,
      Say, could that lad be I?
Merry of soul he sailed on a day
      Over the sea to Skye.

I had always fantasized about this magical place and when we got the chance to travel the UK, I wanted Scotland to be in the itinerary even if it meant that we would have only 4 days to take in most of what this place had to offer.

Since we had very few days to explore we flew into Edinburgh and flew out of Inverness. We spent a day in Edinburgh and the youth hostel we stayed at was right behind the castle. While in Edinburgh, walk the city! I cannot describe in words how beautiful this city is. Hence, I will refrain from writing about this city and you will understand. Oh except if you are frantically searching for the statue of the terrier in Greyfriars cemetery, (spoiler alert) it is outside the cemetery not inside 😛

Raod trip begins –

This is the route we took during our road trip in Scotland. We drove during the day everywhere and stopped at small towns and scenic overlooks. We saw large fields of yellow (canola fields), castles, small towns and beautiful scenery. We took the longer scenic route to Mallaig and entered Skye via the Mallaig – Armsdale ferry. The scenic beauty which unfolds as you drive from Fort William to Mallaig is worth the decision you made to take the longer route; do this!

Quiraing, Isle of Skye

Things not to miss in Isle of Skye-

  1. Hiking the Old Man of Storr
  2. Less traveled trail to one of the less frequented beaches, Talisker Bay
  3. Kilt Rock – Where a waterfall meets the sea!
  4. Quiraing – Try to jump on the bed of greenery to feel the ground under your feet quiver. Best feeling ever!
  5. Dunvegan Castle
  6. Whisky tours and farmers market for local baked goods in Portree.

We left Isle of Skye via the beautiful Skye bridge to our next destination, Eilean Donan Castle. This a very charming little castle which has to be seen both during the day as well as night when the lights are on (Great photo-op)!  We also had the time to stop at Lochness for a short hike up a hill for a gorgeous view of the whole area. Our road trip ended in Inverness which is a great place to get your shopping fix and enjoy a nice dinner. We had to halfheartedly say goodbye to this current favorite city of ours only promising to visit again!

Photography Tips – Try to capture the dramatic cloudy skies to give a nice contrast to the greenery. Carry an umbrella to protect your camera from constant drizzling.

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Let your eyes get used to the beauty around!