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December 2013

Scotland – Where everything is in green-scale!

I have to start this post with the wordings of R.L.Stevenson to describe this poetic land of beauty – Scotland and the Isle of Skye –

Sing me a song of a lad that is gone,
      Say, could that lad be I?
Merry of soul he sailed on a day
      Over the sea to Skye.

I had always fantasized about this magical place and when we got the chance to travel the UK, I wanted Scotland to be in the itinerary even if it meant that we would have only 4 days to take in most of what this place had to offer.

Since we had very few days to explore we flew into Edinburgh and flew out of Inverness. We spent a day in Edinburgh and the youth hostel we stayed at was right behind the castle. While in Edinburgh, walk the city! I cannot describe in words how beautiful this city is. Hence, I will refrain from writing about this city and you will understand. Oh except if you are frantically searching for the statue of the terrier in Greyfriars cemetery, (spoiler alert) it is outside the cemetery not inside 😛

Raod trip begins –

This is the route we took during our road trip in Scotland. We drove during the day everywhere and stopped at small towns and scenic overlooks. We saw large fields of yellow (canola fields), castles, small towns and beautiful scenery. We took the longer scenic route to Mallaig and entered Skye via the Mallaig – Armsdale ferry. The scenic beauty which unfolds as you drive from Fort William to Mallaig is worth the decision you made to take the longer route; do this!

Quiraing, Isle of Skye

Things not to miss in Isle of Skye- Continue reading “Scotland – Where everything is in green-scale!”


From my travel musings of Garhwal Himalayas –

I traveled for hours and miles,
Braving the woods and gaping at the skies
Just a glimpse or little more maybe
Would satiate my eyes’ urge to see

I trekked along valleys, climbed many hills
Waded across brooks and through water stills..
Even with so much beauty around to relish
I wanted something more to be

Tired I was, panted like a famished pup
Rode a mule when my legs gave up
With not much energy and a few more paces
I was sure I would reach my snowy mountain ranges

A giant white cloud sped past me
Challenging me for a race
He played cheap tricks by frosting my feet
And dampening my pace

As I reached the top,
I could’nt believe what was there..
Thousand scoops of Himalayas
Stood gallantly for me to stare

I stopped; fell on my knees
To admire my dream destination
My rival, my competitor mockingly sneered
And moved ahead in elation

Up he went and marred my vision
Making sight hazy and blur
Though jealous I was of that cloud
I yelled, “You win, please stay back here.”

Deaf ear he turned as he floated above
And embraced my dear mountains
When he turned back for a second to show off his victory
Just one scoop of Himalayas was what I could manage to see 😦

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