We made a road trip from Minneapolis to New Orleans, stopping at all the tiny towns and party towns along the way. We were in NOLA during new years and it was crazy but crazy fun as well!

Things to do:

  1. Exploring the city: Just walk around every nook and cranny of the French Quarter with colorful houses and beautiful french architecture.
  2. Whether you party or not, walk the crazy Bourbon street!
  3. Hit the jazz bars on Frenchmen street. Spotted cat was cute, cosy and one of our favorites.
  4. Activity: Go kayaking in the bayous and spot some gators. It is pretty cool!
  5. Cemetery tour is one of the highlights, the architecture, history and stories are well worth the time!

Things to eat:

  1. Early breakfast: Cafe Au Lait and Beignets at Cafe Du Monde!!! Go get them on your early morning walk. It is worth the hype but not worth the time in line, so strategize.
  2. Lunch: The Green Goddess is a great place in a romantic alleyway in the french quarters serving lots of vegetarian friendly foods.
  3. Snacking: You have got eat Po Boys when in nawlins! We found this place tucked inside Erin Rose pub called Killer Poboys and they do have the killer veggie Po Boys! Also trey Frozen Irish coffee there (Non Alcoholic) SO YUMMMM
  4. Dinner: If you are looking for some Vietnamese fix, try Lily’s Cafe in garden district for they serve the best spicy Tofu!
  5. Dessert: For dessert hit up Salon at Sucre for the chocolate overload you need!

The Voodoo experience: Voodoo came to New Orleans in 18th century through slaves brought from African countries. It is fascinating to walk into vodoo stores and learn about the history, origin and its current practice!