This is a special feature where a friend and I talk about Las Vegas!

Kendra’s take  –
I love Las Vegas. I’ve been traveling there for years. Today, I enjoy taking my family here too. Whether I’m traveling on business or bringing the kids for family vacation, I never find myself lacking something to do or see.

1. Las Vegas from the Air
Kids of all ages will never forget the sight of the strip from a helicopter. Tours with Maverick Helicopters are always on the agenda when my family visits Las Vegas. The pilots give every guest VIP treatment. Each person gets to interact with the pilot during the guided tour through use of high-tech headsets. The photo taken at the end of the tour might end up being your favorite souvenir.

2. Showtime on the Strip
You simply can’t visit Las Vegas and not catch a show. Cirque du Soleil has been putting on stunning performances here for years. Their current show, O, is an absolute must-see. It features a 1.5-million-gallon pool and talented synchronized swimmers. You might find yourself wondering where to look next. You’ll definitely be happy you took in this visual feast.

3. Bumming on the Beach
Where else could you find a beach and plenty of waves in the middle of the desert? One of my favorite places to relax while in Las Vegas is Mandalay Bay. They have several swimming pools as well as a sandy beach. I grab a cocktail and relax in an inner tube while the kids ride the waves in the wave pool. The lazy river is another highlight of any visit here. This place is all the reason I need to visit the strip.

4. Dolphin Training
If you love dolphins, you need to visit Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. You can become a dolphin trainer for a day through the program here. Guests are allowed to work alongside professional trainers while interacting with magnificent Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a marine biologist, this is a great way to try it on for size.

Family fun can be found in many vacation destinations. Las Vegas happens to be one of my personal favorites. My family always has a good time, and we never have the same experience twice. Las Vegas is truly unique and hosts a number of beautiful hotels that cater to any traveler or family. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to sort the huge number of hotels to the one that fits you the best. There’s so much to do, most tourists are eager to return again.

D-Mad’s double take
I have always shared a love-hate relationship with Vegas. I do like the glitz, glamour, lights and colors of this place, but this place can only be enjoyed mostly after the sun goes down and even better after a couple of shots. If you love getting dressed up, catching some shows, laying by the pool, during the day, in one of the many pompous hotels and partying up by the night, Vegas is the place to be.
I am also in awe of how they have replicated and recreated many of the amazing things from all over the world. It is superficial yet stunning!

While Kendra talked about what you can do while in Las Vegas. I am going to tell you about why else Vegas is awesome. This is very centrally located to few of my favorite spots in the US and the airfare is very cheap to Vegas from most big cities.
During the day when you cannot do much in the city, here are some amazing options –

  1. Drive to West Rim of the Grand Canyon NP and experience the sky-walk over the canyons or take a helicopter tour.
  2. Drive to Death Valley NP and Red Rock Canyons to see some spectacular landscapes.
  3. Drive to Zion and Bryce Canyon NP (Read about Utah) for some amazing hikes.
  4. Drive to Hoover Dam and take a tour of the massive structure.
  5. Drive to Lake Mead National Recreation Area for a dip in the beautiful lake. The Venetian

Las Vegas is definitely an experience inside and out!

[ A collaborative post by Kendra Thornton and D-Mad]

Kendra is a travel enthusiast and a fellow blogger. You can follow her @KendraThornton.