Do you have –

  1. Indian Passport
  2. Valid US/UK visa stamp

No? Apply at a turkish consulate in the country you are residing. If you in the United States. Mail the money order of $60 along with the application form, your passport and other travel documents to the nearest consulate and you will get your passport back with a stamp within 10 days. Do not try calling them as they never pick up. (If you said “No” to the passport question this post is not for you)

Yes? Then visa to turkey can be obtained on entry. Just head to police counter at Passport Control 2 at Istanbul airport. Show the documents which they ask for. Do not talk to much or try to socialize. Pay $20 at another counter directed by the policeman. Return back, get your stamp and get out!! As simple as that. You can do the same at Izmir airport too.


_D of D-Mad